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E-mails from Thailand (16.06.01 - 29.06.01)

A short intro

by Peng

This is a selection of e-mails to my friends back home while I was travelling in Thailand. Most of these mails were written in a hurry either because I was very tired (I would normally surf the net at night) or that it was very pricey to waste time. But precisely due to the haste in completing the e-mails have I found these 'documents' appealing as a memento to my trip. However, it also meant I have to edit most of the content extensively for spelling and grammatical error.


the grand palace in bangkok

Part one: June 22, e-mail from Chiang Mai

Part two: June 25, e-mail from Chiang Rai

Part three: June 28, e-mail from Bangkok

Part four: June 29, e-mail from Aranyaprathet

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