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ah pae, the guide dog at akha hill house

E-mails from Thailand (16.06.01 - 29.06.01)

Part four: June 29, e-mail from Aranyaprathet

Am at the border town of Thailand, getting myself ready to go to my Cambodian part of my travel. Parted company with my two mates travelling with me in Thailand. Nothing really to do in the town, except to get my resources and supplies (insect repellants and toilet paper) ready for the trip down highway of hell (as proclaimed by most guidebooks, the journey from Poipet to Siem Reap). Hope the rain keeps away as much as possible, or else the road might not be passable. Stuck up a seemingly good deal with an American to travel in the truck to Siem Reap, hope it turns out well. Traveled on 3rd class ordinary train to this border town hopefully to decrease the discomfort of the whole trip by breaking it up. Met a Jap at the 7-11 at this border town, am thinking of Joni Mitchell's song Borderline. Thanx Ms Loh and Karen for support. Best wishes.


the view on mae salong

A short intro

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