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E-mails from Thailand (16.06.01 - 29.06.01)

Part three: June 28, e-mail from Bangkok

Just came in on a lousy Thursday evening into the dreaded yet missed Bangkok. Bro, tell mom I have completed my antibiotics, now good as new.

Bangkok always have what you hate to see when you go travelling. Bad weather. Rude drivers. Cheating taxi drivers. Asshole businessmen. But still I sort of missed Bangkok. The Thais are still incredibly helpful and friendly, minus the taxi drivers, who fucking cheated me by driving us to our guesthouse but overcharging at 250 baht, and even forced us to pay for his car park fees. I hope he is arrested by Tarksin.

Then it's a grand seafood dinner which is actually disappointing (we wanted to commemorate the success of the Thailand trip. Am starting the Cambodian part tomorrow. Incessant shopping. Wasted almost 1500 baht alone this few hours. Damn.

Best wishes 2 all. Good luck u us all.


bangkok vendors

A short intro

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